Barnes & Noble

LOCATION: Eastchester, NY; Edina, MN; Fulsom, CA

Interiors, Custom Furniture and Lighting, Branding

To reinvigorate the act of in-person book shopping, bookstore-giant Barnes & Noble partnered with the Brand Bureau team to roll out its first hybrid bookstore/restaurant concept in three locations across the country. The design is intended to truly create a sense of home for customers, warmly inviting them to enjoy their favorite book over a cup of coffee or even dinner. The central lounge provides ample and comfortable community seating, fully equipped with pillows and cushions so the space can be arranged and rearranged depending on the guests’ desires. The bar/café kiosk offers a choice between caffeinated or alcoholic beverages, while a flexible dining space behind the lounge serves a full table-service menu for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

  • "Artistic use of wood, cork, sconces, recessed lighting and simple but elegant decor make the restaurant and the adjoining lounge and bar airy and comfy, while the bookstore itself beckons, “Come in and stay awhile.”"
    Sacramento Bee