SIZE: 3,300 Sq. Ft. / 306 Sq. Mtr

Interior Design Consultant, Custom Furniture and Lighting, Branding, Menu Design, Restaurant Collateral

As the Four Seasons Miami’s signature dining venue, EDGE has an easy whimsical sophistication. A light palette of whites and soft wood tones combine with marble and brass. The space is organized as a grand room created by an internal colonnade. Surrounding the colonnade are intimate areas of comfortable booth seating facing the main room. A central bar collects visitors at the front of the space while the rear of the space opens slightly for casual and cozy dining. Pendant lighting and a wood ceiling warm the space with a nice amber light. The outdoor patio extends the geometry of the inside with a series of columns supporting a light trellised canopy. Large hedges create privacy and screening from the sun, and potted trees and water fountains further define a casual outdoor living room of lounge seating and flexible dining.

  • "Chef [Aaron] Brooks's menu stands as a blueprint for how to produce brilliant, innovative fare that appeals to all tastes."
    Miami New Times