Park Avenue

SIZE: 6,400 Sq. Ft. / 595 Sq. Mtr.

Interiors, Custom Furniture and Lighting, Branding, Menu Design, Restaurant Collateral

Park Avenue transforms four times every year, from the interiors and seasonally-inspired menu down to the business cards and matchboxes. Captain James Cook’s global explorations provided the conceptual framework, and the team appropriated one of Cook’s eighteenth-century nautical maps as a central graphic motif. The Sandwich Islands guide the canary-yellow Summer scheme. Autumn pays homage to navigation by the stars with a constellation of Sagittarius. Winter’s white-on-white design alludes to Cook’s travels in the Antarctic Circle. And lush, floral Spring was inspired by Cook’s exploration of New Zealand.

  • "Downtown design firm AvroKO transformed the once stuffy Park Avenue Café into one of the city’s most dynamic high-concept restaurants"
  • "The main dining room is pretty damn striking (and the bar's not half bad either)."
  • "AvroKO's designs for the restaurant Park Avenue are as ephemeral as the seasons."
    Architectural Record
  • "An explosion of the senses that is felt from the moment you step through its elegant doors."
    The Huffington Post
  • "It's a kind of revolving, seasonal diorama, replete with menus that change every three months or so, rotating waitstaff outfits (although the waitstaff themselves remain more or less the same), and even a changing decor, courtesy of the fashionable downtown restaurant-design firm AvroKO."
    New York Magazine


  • Critics' Pick
    New York Magazine
  • Gold Key Award Finalist; Fine Dining Restaurant
    Hospitality Design
  • Top Decor in NYC
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Successful Restaurant Design
Park Avenue Summer was featured on the cover of the classic textbook, Successful Restaurant Design