Waldorf Astoria Bangkok

SIZE: 6,125 Sq. Ft. / 569 Sq. Mtr.
LOCATION: Bangkok, Thailand

Coming Soon…

Interiors, Furniture & Lighting

Taking inspiration directly from the NYC Waldorf Astoria, the Bangkok installment of Waldorf Astoria retains a distinct Art Deco vibe juxtaposed with the pattern, materiality and vibrancy of Thai Lanna Culture. For example, in Bull and Bear restaurant, the Garuda and Naga, mythical, dueling creatures in Thai culture become the Thai counterpart and companions to the ever opposing forces of the bull and bear. Gorgeous local textiles, intricate hand craft and detailing that exemplifies the true nature of Thailand lives in harmony with the Art Deco strength of the Waldorf brand. This balance and duality creates a wonderful tension and forges delightful F&B spaces throughout the property.