• Greg Bradshaw, Adam Farmerie, Kristina O'Neal, and William Harris


New York-headquartered design-and concept firm AvroKO is equally adept at the varied disciplines of interior design, furniture, graphics, and even fashion. AvroKO’s four partners—William Harris, Greg Bradshaw, Kristina O’Neal, and Adam Farmerie—each contribute a unique vision to the firm’s multifaceted design mission. The four principals first met in college and officially joined forces in 2001 to design a client’s company from top to bottom, bringing their distinct design backgrounds to bear on the process. The experience was so pleasantly productive that they decided to merge. The resulting firm is exceptional in its ability to deliver integrated design services—from interiors to menus, lighting to uniforms, art installations to wine bottles—all rooted on a single, conceptual narrative. This uniquely versatile approach produces design connectivity—environments in which every element of a space relates to every other element in that space, and to the soul of the concept.

Since its creation, AvroKO has grown to studios in NYC, Bangkok, San Francisco and London with about 120 total design staff across the globe. Their growing portfolio of critically hailed interior design work, including restaurants, bars, hotels, retail, and residential projects, expresses a humming conversation between the ideals of the past and off-beat sensibilities that point to the future, between cultural memory and social interaction, and between the physical, emotional, and psychological realms.

AvroKO’s spirit of adventure and entrepreneurial curiosity has inspired the principals to pursue their own “self-propelled projects,” beginning with PUBLIC, a restaurant wholly conceived, designed, owned, and operated by the company. PUBLIC swept the design category of the James Beard Awards when AvroKO walked off with the awards for Best Restaurant Design and Best Restaurant Graphics, an unheard-of accomplishment for a single firm. AvroKO also works with prominent hospitality and lifestyle clients, such as Park Hyatt, Shangri-La, Google, Michael Mina, Ritz-Carlton, Dropbox and Waldorf Astoria Hotels & Resorts.