Cheeky Little Bar: GENUINE Liquorette

In the subterranean level of our recently opened fast-fine restaurant, GENUINE Superette, resides GENUINE Liquorette – a watering hole designed in the spirit of a California bodega.  With newspapers and vintage tobacco advertisements lining the entryway and 750 bottles of liquor lining the shelves, guests are welcomed into a space equipped to provide a new model of service – self service.  From the self-serve refrigerators holding beer and wine that guests can grab at leisure, to the “Rough Justice” program where drinkers can choose a bottle off the shelf and drink it how they please – by the gram, to the cocktail collective where a team of international bartenders develop monthly cocktails based on a hard-to-use spirit, to the mixology classes taught by barman Eben Freeman where upon completion any graduate can jump behind the bar and mix drinks for themselves and their friends.  Learn more from New York Magazine’s Grub Street here.