Arlo Nomad

SIZE: 58,550 Sq. Ft. / 5,440 Sq. Mtr.

Interiors, Custom Furniture & Lighting, Branding, Graphics

Designed as a haven, respite and gathering place for urban explorers, the new Arlo brand was conceptualized and designed by Brand Bureau, and the hotel interiors were designed by its sister firm AvroKO. Each Arlo hotel boasts a multitude of public spaces – including a music room where guests can explore tunes from a variety of eras and genres – which are built to accommodate a flurry of activities throughout the day. Guests can socialize and relax, work and meet, or dine and drink in the common spaces, connecting with other guests. The compact, efficient, and carefully-considered guest room designs feature warm, high-touch materials and clever elements like fold-down desks and closets with adjustable hanging pegs, which anticipate the needs of guests.


  • Best Emerging Hotel Concept
    Gold Key Awards
  • The New Concept of the Year
    Sleeper AHEAD Americas
  • Top Hotels in New York City
    Travel + Leisure World's Best