SIZE: 8,181 Sq. Ft. / 760 Sq. Mtr.
LOCATION: Shanghai, China

Interiors, Custom Furniture and Lighting, Branding and Collateral Design

A collaborative partnership with iconic Architect Shigeru Ban, Calypso is a vibrant and airy two story wine bar, restaurant and lounge and the crown jewel of the Jing An Shangri La Hotel property. The iconic outlet was partially inspired in form by its direct neighbor, and one of Shanghai’s most important historical venues—the former residence of Chairman Mao Zedong. Bamboo in its many iterations, light stone and glass create a distinctly modern experience while intimate detailing quietly references the strength and tradition of Chinese design.

  • "Amid Shanghai’s futuristic mass of gleaming glass and rising towers, an airy, understated two-story new restaurant called Calypso offers a welcome reprieve from the shiny and new."
    T: The New York Times Style Magazine
  • "Housed in a glass and bamboo building outside the Kerry Center, the restaurant itself is stunning. "
    Talk Magazine
  • "Calypso will be the place ‘to be seen’. "
    ETB Travel News


  • Certificate of Excellence
    Trip Advisor