SIZE: Tuck shop 20,280 Sq. Ft. Coffee Shop 4,930 Sq. Ft.
LOCATION: San Francisco, CA

Interiors, Custom Furniture and Lighting

The food hall and café in this innovative tech giant’s San Francisco office serves as the organization’s heartbeat. Designed by AvroKO and channeling the idea of “neighborhoods” within the office to bring people together, the space was designed to be multipurpose, equally appropriate from dining, meetings, brainstorms and more. Taking inspiration from one of the company’s mottos, “sweat the details,” the design focuses on small features and individually crafted furniture and lighting to transform moods and create a flexible space.

The food hall boasts 6 main food stations divided predominantly by a variety of screens made of transparent linen materials, some of which, are constructed around main banquettes and are adjustable to create pockets ideal for a private gathering with coworkers or a professional presentation or meeting. The handcrafted lighting in the Juice Bar resembles a modern take on old street lamps, again drawn from the neighborhood concept, while the chandelier that dominates the entry has adjustable frames which slide up and down tracks, imitating the Muni Metro transit lines of San Francisco.

The cafe is designed to evoke a residential feel. It’s a place of comfort for staff with each furniture group containing an eclectic mix of chairs, floor rugs and accessories similar to a living room. The cafe boasts its own on premise coffee roaster, encased by a blackened steel perimeter and visible to diners.

  • "Visionary design firm, AvroKO, has reinvented the dirty term in the most surprising and delightfully brilliant of ways"
  • "A triumph in juxtaposition"
  • "Mouthwatering design details"