GENUINE Superette

SIZE: 1,255 Sq. Ft. / 116 Sq. Mtr.

AvroKO owned and operated, Interiors, Custom Furniture and Lighting, Branding, Graphics, Menu Design, Restaurant Collateral

GENUINE Superette opened as a slight twist to its sister restaurant, GENUINE Roadside, with a design inspired by the bodegas and superettes lining the California coast. Complete with a brightly-colored California-landscape mural, working boombox, adjustable light fixtures, and menu board light boxes, this space transports diners away from the busy NYC streets to sample and experience a hint of West Coast cool.

  • "AvroKO brings the California Coast and some retro-funk to NYC's Little Italy."
    Restaurant Hospitality
  • "What I can recommend in the neighborhood is this spiffy 'gastrodiner,' a counter service joint that's an unusually pleasant place to dine thanks to massive windows that allow light to stream into the simple, high-ceilinged space; and a staff that's almost Midwestern in their friendliness. "
  • "Wildly inventive juice blends"
    Manhattan Magazine
  • "GENUINE Superette's take on the classic California roadside stand seems to totally nail that other-coast eatery icon."
  • "GENUINE Superette is good looking and super chill, with its communal tables, counter-ordering set up, genuinely friendly (and equally helpful) staff, and big open windows through which breezes can blow and Little Italy tourists can gawk."
  • "There's no question that the AvroKO design team knows how to construct an easy on the eyes restaurant. But thanks to their newer hospitality arm, they're currently coming up with concepts that are equally easy on the stomach."
    Restaurant Girl


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