Hoxton Hotel


Interiors, Custom Furniture & Lighting

For the food & beverage spaces at Chicago’s Hoxton hotel, in the Fulton Market District, AvroKO has created a narrative weaving together the richness and warmth of the American Crafts movement, the celebratory spirit of 1930’s post-prohibition Chicago, and the eccentric vision of Edgar Miller, a Chicago artist who flouted formal education to create his own learning laboratory through his work.

At the turn of the century, Chicago had a unique role in the American Crafts movements, due to its history as a center for production and invention. It both nurtured craftsmanship and turned boldly toward the latest inventions in industry to create a unique merging of the hand and the machine.

The 1930s, after the repeal of prohibition, is the era in which Chicagoans were freed from the dingy and secretive “blind pigs” of prohibition, and could return to bolder, more imaginative social spaces. The repeal of prohibition flooded the cities restaurants and bars with more capital, and therefore more money to be spend on decorative elements in restaurants and bars. The designs were imaginative and playful, drawing inspiration from Europe and American’s grandest spaces.

In this same decade, Edgar Miller discovered opportunities to pursue his eclectic artistry at various establishments around the city, and used his own home and studio, to playfully work and experiment in ceramics, glass, fabric, and wood.

  • "AvroKO made the dining room feel authentic by incorporating alpaca figurines, tassels and pom-poms."
    Food Network
  • "Boka Restaurant Group's latest collab with AvroKO, a trio of concepts at the Hoxton Chicago, is a true feast for the eyes."
    Interior Design