SIZE: 800 Sq. Ft. / 74 Sq. Mtr.

Interiors, Custom Furniture & Lighting, Branding, Graphics, Website Development

Brand Bureau collaborated with the coffee brand, Nobletree, to design their newest retail outpost located in the Westfield World Trade Center. As owners and operators of a working farm in Brazil, Nobletree sought to create an experience that establishes a sense of transparency and connectivity between their coffee and their customers, showcasing the natural and man-made processes that bring coffee beans to the cup. For Nobletree’s design and brand assets, the Brand Bureau team wanted to visually translate this mission statement and create a space that serves as a physical embodiment of “modern natural.” By combining the ideas of theater, modern farming, and nature’s imprint, Brand Bureau created a fully-immersive environment that represents a sense of union between nature and refined performance. Rich, natural woods and unfinished edges evoke a sense of “rough-refined” elegance, while clean-lined fixtures add an element of modernism and brass and copper accents subtly hint at the tools and process of coffee making.