Perry Lane Hotel

SIZE: 189,000 Sq. Ft / 17569 Sq. Mtr
LOCATION: Savannah, GA

Interiors and Branding

The Perry Lane Hotel provides a much-needed luxury hotel experience in Savannah, Georgia, where sophistication and vibrancy are brought to locals and visitors alike.

The brand looked to Savannah’s history and culture to devise a scheme that was relatable and relevant to its location while at the same time modern and appealing to the contemporary traveler. Savannah is known as the “Hostess City,” which inspired a design focused on the art of welcoming guests into one’s home. A sequence of experiences escorts the guest from the street into the hotel.

Once inside, the hotel layout deploys an “internal streetscape” based on the city of Savannah’s unique urban plan where everything is situated around town squares. Historically, the idea of community meant that everyone in the square contributed something – one home provided milk, another did all the mending, and so on. First floor public spaces read like a collection of related buildings, defining inner yards and the edges of alleys. From the lounge and library to the screening room and bar, an intimacy of scale enforces a spirit of camaraderie and surprise. Upstairs, the rooftop bar and pool serve as a counterpoint to the initial impression. They speak to America’s most glamorous era, combining a knack for dressing up with an affinity for socializing and relaxing together in style. Guestrooms have their own regional classical vernacular that was inspired by the great mansions of Savannah — palatial in scale, rich in detail.


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    Sleeper AHEAD Americas Awards
  • Best New Hotel in the World
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