Swift & Sons

SIZE: 10,000 Sq. Ft. / 929 Sq. Mtr.

Interiors, Custom Furniture & Lighting, Graphics

In 19th century Chicago, the cattle trade was one of the most prestigious businesses with which to be involved, with one of the industry pioneers being Gustavus Franklin Swift. The design for the restaurant Swift & Sons, in Chicago’s popular West Loop neighborhood, takes its inspiration from this titan of the industry, re-imagining what this fictitious company’s headquarters might look like in the retro-future.

  • "In terms of grandeur and detail, no other steakhouse in the city comes close to Swift & Sons."
    Redeye Chicago
  • "The design, a sort of steampunk supper club, is genuinely breathtaking."
  • "Another personal-yet-respectful imprint on this classic restaurant genre."
    Chicago Tribune


  • Best Upscale Restaurant
    Hospitality Design Awards
  • Hottest New Steakhouses Around The U.S.
  • Best New Steakhouse in Chicago
    Time Out Chicago
  • 4 Stars
    Time Out Chicago
  • 3 Stars
    Chicago Tribune
  • Design Innovation - Honorable Mention
    Fast Company Design Awards
  • Best Restaurant - Nominee
  • Best Restaurant Design - Finalist
    Jean Banchet Awards