The Modern Pantry

SIZE: 3,660 Sq. Ft. / 340 Sq. Mtr.
LOCATION: London, United Kingdom

Interiors, Custom Furniture and Lighting

Through an investigation of Chef Anna Hansen’s familial roots in Denmark, by way of New Zealand, AvroKO discovered a rich history in both design, architecture, and botany that created the foundation of the two-pronged design inspiration. The furniture, millwork, lighting, and materiality including bent plywood, teak, oak as well as graphic tile, took a page from the classical styles of mid-century Denmark and Northern Europe generally. For the color palate and art features, the team unearthed the Flora Danica, a complete atlas of botany containing 3,240 copper engraved plates of indigenous Danish plants in the late 18th and early 19th centuries.  Dark blue and off-white hues color the restaurant seen in the white oak bar, saturated blue menu board, patterned tile, and a dark blue pivoting screen separating the main dining room from the PDR.  In the private dining room, a simple yet systematic paneled wall highlights the atlas’ meticulous organization displaying plants, flowers and herbs that tell the story of Anna’s culinary journey and aspirations.

  • "The room is a pleasure to be in."
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