The Zodiac Room

SIZE: 8,600 Sq. Ft. / 800 Sq. Mtr.

Interiors, Custom Furniture & Lighting

At the new Zodiac Room in Hudson Yards, Neiman Marcus brings together New York centric food and beverage vendors as well as merchandise, and our space culminates into a grand entrance for the Neiman Marcus store.

AvroKO has created a sophisticated but innovative narrative by reinterpreting classical inspirations from New Formalism through a modern lens, pioneering the local avant-garde spirit of The New York School’s poets, painters and creatives active in the 1950s, and drawing inspiration from the futuristic vision of Neiman Marcus’s own Fascinating Fortnight, a world famous celebration of international culture, cuisine and fashion.

The overall space is divided into three experiences which leads the guest from the least formal and most animated to an enveloping and more classic dining room. The facade evokes elements of New Formalism while incorporating modern brass screens with perforated and laser-cut detailing — making the transition from retail store to restaurant in one elegant stroke.


  • Best Restaurant: Fine Dining
    Gold Key Awards