SIZE: 8,267 Sq. Ft. / 768 Sq. Mtr.
LOCATION: London, United Kingdom

At the turn of the century, The Cunard Shipping Company was at the height of their popularity, spearheading the golden era of shipping, transporting both goods and people to exotic locations all across the globe. The newly refurbished Trafalgar Hotel is located in the very building where The Cunard Shipping Company made a name for themselves. Mixed with touches of Art Deco glamour like fitted glass and brass finishes, the historic company’s headquarters played a significant role in the inspiration behind the hotel’s design, especially the architecture featuring grand archways, beautiful moldings, sweeping curves, delicate details, and glossy finishes throughout the AvroKO-designed spaces – the Lobby, Lower Lobby, and The Trafalgar restaurant. The custom lighting and furnishings pull inspiration from the grandeur of the time illustrated through decorative ornamentation, and the art features inspired by exotic ports of call evoke the sense of freedom of travel via cleverly designed landscapes, flora, and fauna that would be found in these faraway lands. Bold graphics and a rich color palette tie the design together giving the nod to history a modern lift, eclectic lift.