LOCATION: Beijing, China

Interiors, Custom Furniture & Lighting, Branding

Union, located in The Opposite House in Beijing, evokes 20th century modernism with a global twist. The Opposite House resides in the Sanlitun district, more commonly known as the heart of Beijing’s diplomatic community, which has become the preferred neighborhood for socializing, private social gatherings and social clubs. With that in mind, the space and name were inspired by Lucie Rie, a 20th century modernist potter, who used her studio not just as a work space but also as a versatile social club – a place to gather, meet, exchange and unite. The space aims to provide the simple elegance of a well-executed hospitality experience where whimsy and beauty are combined with a strategic layout and methodical organization to promote easy flow. Channeling the myriad of international expos, architectural frames made of unadorned yet beautiful materials showcase artwork, sculptures and objects, drawing in and engaging guests while allowing the space to stay relevant through the passage of time.

Embracing the idea of the studio, the unity of the long, expansive space was maintained with a main protagonist – a linear bar and communal table at the center anchored by the eclectic lounge area at both ends. The bar is designed to be transformed from day to night, illustrating the flexible work-to-play sensibility, and includes hidden elements such as a mini bar cart, herb wall, spice rack and DJ booths. A semi-private dining area is surrounded by an unadorned metal screen that making a clear distinction between different social zones creating the feeling of a private or even secret space.

AvroKO’s custom-designed lighting taps into 20th century modernism with its experimental shape, form and material and the furniture echos the social clubs of the past – casual and comfortable yet elegant with the right balance of color and texture.

  • "a suitably soigne setting"