Connecting meaning and purpose through
innovation in hospitality design.

Avroko About
The four Founding Partners - Kristina O'Neal, Adam Farmerie, William Harris and Greg Bradshaw - have been friends for over three decades, having met in their teens and established themselves as co-collaborators in numerous businesses spanning the globe ever since.

AvroKO was founded in 2001 after the friends reunited in New York. The four foundational values of AvroKO (Create as a Collective, Work Macro-to-Micro, Be Hospitable, and Think Sideways) were born from the fabric of their life-long friendship and creation process. These values permeate AvroKO World's dynamic culture, ensuring that the firm is creating some of the most innovative and collaboration-driven work in the industry.

150+ Staff

With an eclectic and brilliant mix of individuals, AvroKO’s family is a wonderful and diverse melting pot of visionary interior designers, architects, lighting specialists, artists, furniture crafters, and business leaders.

22 Countries

Our experience in a wide array of countries and cultures gives us unique insights into global trends and local points of cultural differentiation. This knowledge also gives us an unparalleled edge in creating responsible projects of significance.

5 Offices

Headquartered in downtown NYC, we also have offices in San Francisco, London, Bangkok, and Miami. Our Partners head each office, which are the creative hubs of their region and beyond.

20+ Years

Over the past 20 years, we have endeavored to elevate the hospitality industry through innovative design, carefully-crafted experiences, and environments layered in rich storytelling.
‘This design firm, one of the most famous in the industry, is who you expect to knock it out of the park. Every time.’

Founding Partners

Our Leadership
Greg Bradshaw
kristina o'neal
adam farmerie
William Harris
Our Vision

Connecting with people emotionally, physically, and psychologically through our work is more than just a professional mission — it’s part of our very cellular makeup as co-creators, collaborators, and ultimately friends, who have been working together since our teens.

About Seneca
As we’ve grown as a firm, this idea of “connection” has extended beyond just the four of us, our studio, and even the end result of the work. We orchestrate experiences that envelop patrons through a combination of design-driven programming and contextual references.

This ultimate goal of connectivity in our design is to ensure that hospitality backdrops are not simply passive reception spaces where people dine or sleep, but that they create emotionally transcendent experiences, however tiny or even subliminal, allowing the energy of the spaces to shift and evolve timelessly.
our unique perspective

Hospitable Thinking®

We believe that hospitality transcends languages, industries, and borders, it’s a collection of small moments that can have a powerful, positive impact on how people feel.

Human needs are universal. They transcend geography, race, religion, culture. They are wired into our very DNA, informing our decision-making and shaping our reactions to the world around us. They are few, finite, and classifiable, and have remained constant throughout history and human culture.

By understanding and fulfilling these fundamental human needs, brands and businesses can resonate with consumers on a deeper, more profound level, resulting in a strategic approach that maintains relevance and longevity. It’s an approach we call Hospitable Thinking®.
We bring our philosophy of Hospitable Thinking® to all our projects in AvroKO World in order to foster remarkable experiences and ultimately form more meaningful connections between people. This process integrates timeless core truths, behavioral sciences, and environmental psychology to maximize hospitality experiences.
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Leadership Team

Global CCO
Nick Solomon
Global COO
Tom Chalmers
Global CFO
Jonathan Lowden
Global Marketing Director
Lisa Mendelson
Global Director of Financial Operations
Demmi Choo
Global IT Director
Ilan Derey
Global Practice Director
Adam Haneman-Hall
Technical Director
Ted Buenz
Managing Director
Daniel Hong
Design Director
Dennis Askins
Project Director
Asli Uluaydin
Managing Director
Kimberly Jackson
Managing Director
Kesaté Tadesse
Design Director
Eva Lin
Design Director
Carlo Umer
Project Director
Patrick Ho
Design Director
Andrew Lieberman
Managing Director
Tory Schenkkan
Managing Director
Lexie Aliotti
Studio Director
Chris Clements
Design Director
Alex Reed
An ecosystem of hospitality COMPANIES

AvroKO World

As global and passionate hospitality innovators, AvroKO Design is but one part of a holistic suite of complimentary companies, all forged from the same DNA; that strategize and create hospitality experiences that are conceptually intriguing, deeply memorable and highly successful. Any or all divisions of AvroKO World may be engaged to manifest your unique goals, yet the most successful projects tend to benefit from input by every arm.    
‘Their collective adds up to an award-winning creative agency that has the hospitality world clamoring for its services.’

Select Clients

Six Senses
1 Hotels
The Hoxton
Boka Restaurant Group
The Cosmopolitan
Park Hyatt
St Regis
The Ritz-Carlton
Waldorf Astoria
Quality Branded
Morgans Hotel Group
Starwood Hotels & Resorts
Tishman Speyer
Four Seasons
The Georgetown Company
W Hotels
Union Station
Single Thread
Mina Group
Consortium Holdings
Tao Group